Work from Home Money Making Ideas – Is it possible to come out ahead?

After nine years of searching for profitable work-from-home money making opportunities, I must admit I am a failure. Ads pop up over the Internet. Make money here, try this, and try that! Sign up here! Sell this, sell that. But I have yet to find a shortcut to the good life. Where is this so called ” easy street”?

We read of overnight success stories. But I have yet to find one. It is not like I haven’t tried. I have tried an unbelievable number of ways to make money online, including selling on eBay, telephone customer service (yes, telephones configured via the Internet–you pay only your local line phone bill. Yes, it is possible with a high speed Internet connection. Big name companies hire work-from-home agents), and even creating product video reviews.

But, alas, so far, I have not found a way to leave a day job and make a true living. Wise people suggest to make a good living working from home takes persistence, the ability to live on a minimum income for a year or more, and an abundance of spare time to delve into the many available opportunities. That is not to say a truly successful home business is not possible. It just hasn’t happened to me.

Working from home has not been easy nor profitable.

Why create another work-from-home website? If you have tried a Google search for work-from-home sites, you see the results are unrelenting. Many sites offer creative ways to get started working from home. Some give advice listing businesses that are less than legitimate. Many sites are awesome at what they do.

However, despite all the established work-from-home sites, I believe there is room for one more. Yes, another work-from-home place to share knowledge, ideals, links and experiences. We need a place to come together to find the best of the best, to help each other find lucrative and creative avenues that best suit our individual lifestyles.

So, why A1 Resources?

Despite the economy downturn, despite the growing number of bankruptcies and the high unemployment rate, I still believe there is a way to make, as my father used to say, a “decent living” working from home specializing in a web-based business. I still have not given up.

My intention is to do all that is necessary to build an A1 resource for those seeking work-from-home businesses, both full and part time. This site is for us, the money hungry. What a way to put it. Money hungry. But admit it. We are needy or we wouldn’t be here. We need to make a living. We may need to supplement our regular income. If you work outside the home, you may have dreamed of having a home-based business. Let’s make that dream a reality. Alternatively, you may be like me—one who has tried dozens and dozens of opportunities but still has not discovered entrepreneurial success. Or, it may be the other way around. Possibly, some legitimate web-based businesses will surprise us! They may stumble upon this site and let us know they are out there. With careful monitoring, this site will become your true A1 Resource for building a home-based business.

A1 Resources hopes to be an alcove for members to honestly share ideas about real money-making opportunities. Share what we experienced versus rumors or enticing web advertisements. I hope to use this venue to share my efforts and knowledge of opportunities that I have undertaken over the last nine years. As much as I look forward to sharing my experiences, I hope to learn from those who frequent this site if it is possible to make a living working from home with a web-based business. We will also touch on other entrepreneurial work-from-home ideas but the major emphasis at A1 Resources is using the Internet to make money.

Please come in and share your ideas!

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