Home Office Ideas – Home Telephone Representative
Written by L. A. Couch
Saturday, 01 August 2009 13:33

Call Center at Home!

Another legitimate business idea that works for many is working as a home telephone representative. Companies work with their various clients to provide agents to take calls from home. Many major-name companies use this work-at-home agent pool. Why do clients pay a company to find work from home agents? Clients save money as they need not provide employee benefits. They need not worry about payroll as they do not pay the agents directly. Generally, clients do NOT deal directly with training nor with on-going monitoring of the agents. Because of the varying clients, the work from home business offers a huge variety of telephone positions. Clients include television stations, sports sites. computer companies, and even bookstores need agents for membership assistance. Famous name drugstore and pharmacy companies use work-from-home agents. If interested, you may find yoursefl working for airlines or even for roadside assistance. Yes, all this remotely, even if you are no where near the airports nor in the state you offer roadside assistance. If you are interested in working at home in your own call center, check here for more information on how to get started, the pros and cons and links to forums with testimonials from work from home telephone agents.

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